Review: be Delectable Hand Cream

Coconut. All day; any day. I love coconut. Whether I’m eating it or smelling it, I can’t help but be in paradise whenever something coconut is near me.


I mentioned in a #MyFavMonday a little while ago that I’m in love with the be Delectable Coconut & Cream Hair and Body Mist (by Cake Beauty.) So naturally, I could barely contain my excitement when I got the matching hand cream in my February Topbox!

The Scent:
Heavenly. As yummy as the spray. I have to resist eating it… I mean… I’m normal, I swear!

The Product:
I’m pretty picky about my hand lotion because my hands have become addicted. I’m sad to say, I don’t love this cream on my hands. This sounds crazy, but it doesn’t feel intensely moisturizing because I like my hand creams to almost feel like a glove of moisture. It almost feels powdery. HOWEVER, I used it on my arms because I wanted to smell like a giant ball of cotton candy and happiness. I loved it! So, now I can have my Cake Beauty, and wear it too!

My Score:

(3 overall, but 4.5 for just the scent!)

❤ Kay


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