benefit Roller Lash in Review

When you start to type in “benefit roller” into Google, one of the first suggestions is “benefit roller lash dupe.” Uhoh! That doesn’t bode well considering I know the price of this stuff! (Here’s one, and here’s another one.)

benefit roller lash google search
Dun dun duuunnnn!

I received a mini tube of benefit Roller Lash mascara in my March Topbox. As I have mentioned, I LOVE the benefit They’re Real mascara. So far I have been happy with every benefit product I have tried, but am in denial that anything could be better than They’re Real. Turns out, I may still be right.

As benefit does, the bottle is pretty cute. I open the tube and at first glance, I don’t get it. Do they mean the fact that the end is ever-so-slightly curved? I thought it meant little grabby things on the end of each bristle. I thought wrong. It looks like a normal plastic brush to me. (Maybe that’s why there are so many dupes out there?)

Does it curl?

Honestly… I can’t tell. Maybe I’m using it wrong. The instructions tell you to “gently wiggle the wand from base of lashes to tip.” I can do the wiggle on my right eye, but the angle of my hand doesn’t allow for much wiggle on my left eye. I don’t think the two eyes look very different.


My Opinion

I don’t think it necessarily does what it states it will do, but if I ignore that, it’s a pretty decent mascara. It lasts well. If you’re not careful, it does clump a bit; but when you are careful, it coats pretty well. The colour is satisfactory.

The durability is pretty good. Because of my mascara obsession, I do occasionally add a little swipe halfway through the day, but a normal person wouldn’t need to.

As an every day mascara, I like it; I’ll still stick to They’re Real for when I want drama. I’m not sure I would buy Roller Lash, but I’ll definitely use up the whole tube. Even though I hate wasting makeup, I don’t always do this. More on that to come!

My Score

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