Review: Fisher-Mint

Nova Scotia Fisherman is on a roll! I can’t contain my excitement!

In general, I’m not a huge mint fan unless it’s real mint crushed up in my mojitos. They must be using something fairly natural in their Fisher-Mint, because I love the flavour!

Fisher-Mint exceeded my expectations! It moisturizes, it heals, it tastes fresh!

Minty Fresh!

I’m a little picky about my lip balms, so it’s a very good sign when I find a new one that I like. I’m also addicted to them. I find most of them don’t last long enough and don’t penetrate well. I really dislike medicated ones, and have a read that your lips become especially addicted to them, so I try to avoid them. So far my favourite balms are from Avon and EOS and Oriental Princess. I also have a nice mojito one from Escents that I got in one of those fun first class flight bags.

Last month, I wrote about how much I really enjoyed their Sea Salt Soap. I also mentioned that I want to try their Sea Salt & Caramel lip balm; so when I saw the leaflet in my Topbox that said I can get a free lip balm with every online order, I was ecstatic!

I popped onto their website to order a Sea Salt Soap and maybe a scrub, but the link for that particular soap is gone. Oddly, so is the Fisher-Mint page! I’m not sure if they are just low on stock or if they were discontinued; maybe they put too many into Topboxes. Either way it seems that now you can only get Fisher-Mint in a trio pack.

My Score

There isn’t a particular reason it didn’t get 5 lipsticks. It’s very close to 4.5. Maybe it’s the slightly gritty texture when first applying it. Maybe it’s because I’m sad that I can’t order more. On the bright side, when I bought my friend’s Topbox off her, I got another one!


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